Vanguard Spacecraft
Vanguard Spacecraft

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Developed by the Naval Research Bureau in response to President Eisenhower's approval of plans to launch US earth orbiting satellites in support of the International Geophysical Year. The three stage rockets weight at take-off 22,597 lb and had a first stage thrust of 37,588 lb. From 23 October 1957 to 18 September 1959, 12 Vanguards were launched, 8 of them unsuccessfully.

On March 17, 1958 Vanguard TV-4 successfully put it's payload the Vanguard 1 Satellite into orbit. The satellite was nicknamed "grapefruit" by the press, because of it's small size. Although small, weighing only 3.24 lb the satellite's scientific data confirmed the pear-shape form of the Earth.

The above spaceship was design using Strata 3d Pro computer graphic program. The model parts where made with Illustrator and imported into Strata and were either extruded or skinned. Textures maps in the scene are made with Photoshop.

Created by Edward Rowles in 2005